My name's Alice and I like alot of stuff, but mostly gamers on YouTube.

make me choose | ggavinofree asked: james or seamus?

500 million dollar budget

endless things to do

a whole solar system to explore

a living breathing universe

synchronized dancing on a lamp post.

game of the year 2014


YO WTF! //Another// ‘Small’ and quick giveaway before school starts again for all my lovely followers. 

Rules are simple;

  1. you must follow me, since it’s a big thank you gift for my followers
  2. reblog/like (edit; likes do count bc some of you are too lazy lmao) as many times as you want but don’t spam the others with it

What you get /as you can see above/;

first place gets two drawings of their choice (it can also be two sketches ect) and a gif, which doesn’t count to the three options

second place gets two drawings of their choice

third place gets one drawing of their choice

P.S I’ll draw you whatever the f** you want as long as it’s not to complicated. The gif is gonna take a while so please be patient with me. 

When it ends; 26. September 

God wishes you good luck. 8)


New drinking game: Take a shot every time Jordan buys or opens a CSGO case. 


"all gays will go to hell"

oh noooo…. what will i do… surrounded with ……. nothing ……. but other homosexuals……….. u win this round……… god


the only video that needed to be saved from twitch



Two old ladies having a chat


sequel soon? ;)


Today has been a wild stream, with Sailor Strife and Tuxedo Ram and KD dropping by to chat.

Dex’s channel has been suspended AGAIN 




Fucking hell 

fuck..poor Dex..